Inspector Play believes that active children are happier, healthier, and learn more.


Builds healthy bones, muscles, heart and lungs

Helps maintain a healthy body weight

Improves fundamental movement skills


Better concentration and memory

Improves attention and on-task learning

Problem-solving and persistence in tasks


Enhances mood and self esteem

Builds social skills and relationships

Contributes to overall health and well-being

Life Skills

Improves sharing and listening skills

Promotes collaboration and teamwork

Builds resilience and patience

What happens when you’re under 7 has a direct impact on your behaviours much later in life. Let's create a movement culture where each child has the opportunity, confidence and skills to enjoy and progress in active play, active learning and physical activity.

Children playing
Racoon tail We passionately believe in the power of play, physical activity and PE to improve lives.
Rising obesity levels Rising obesity levels
Fewer young people enjoying physical activity Fewer young people enjoying physical activity
Increased use of technology over outdoor play Increased use of technology over outdoor play
Existing inequalities have widened Existing inequalities have widened

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